3 Landscaping ideas for your backyard with an inground pool

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Do the summer months feel like they go by too quickly? With our landscaping ideas, you can stretch those summer months well into late fall. Today’s outdoor landscape trends are all about extending the comfort from the inside of your home, to your backyard.

Opting to include a swimming pool, a playground, and an outdoor dining space is guaranteed daytime fun for the entire family. Extend your daytime fun into an evening of relaxtion by including a lounge area with a firepit, blankets and dimmed lighting.

Finally, adding a heat pump and pool lighting can be a good way to take full advantage of your pool even on those cooler evenings. If not for a late-night swim, then for the ambiance your pool will naturally create.


1. Low-maintenance, practical landscaping should be your focus!

Its no secret that its best to keep greenery around the pool to a minimum. Maintaining your cedar hedges, watering a flowerbed or running a lawnmower to trim your grass will inevitably make a mess. As a result, that mess is bound to fall into your pool, which creates more work.

The goal is to make the most of your summer ! So, it’s best to limit time spent on maintenance and optimizing time spent relaxing in your yard.

What’s the best way to integrate landscaping around the pool?

1. Use planters suspended from your gazebo or pool house, where you store your equipment and accessories.

2. When in doubt, go for potted plants ! The variety of designs, textures and colors will undoubtedly add a sophisticated touch to your backyard.

3. Maintain a distance of at least 1 metre before integrating a flowerbed or shrubs. Otherwise, your space to work efficiently and safely will be limited.

4. Define your backyard by using outdoor tropical plants for a vacation feel, perennial flowering plants if you like to find them every year, or seasonal flowers and plants to add variety over the years.

1025 beach | plage - Arctic Grey | Gris arctique

1025 model – Arctic Grey & Rinox slabs


2. How do you landscape around a pool? Integrate a waterfall

Aquarino 1025 beach Artic Grey | 1025 plage Gris arctique

Solino waterfall – Rinox


Whether you are following the nature-inspired trends of 2023, or enjoy listening to the sound of running water, including a waterfall feature will compliment the landscape design around an inground pool. These features require little maintenance but add character to your backyard landscaping.

Ask your landscaper to plan the integration of a waterfall using decorative concrete¬†¬†retaining walls. You’ll require their expertise for this to ensure proper installation.

3. Inground pool fencing, a decorative and functional element to consider in your design

With the range of fencing options now available, you’ll have every opportunity to add a stylish touch to your project. If you’re aiming for low-maintenance, try an aluminium or steel fence. A traditional wooden fence may require more maintenance, but offers warmth and privacy.

Fencing with a view of the pool

Aquarino 1224 Arctic Grey | Gris arctique

1224 model – Arctic Grey


Opt for a stylish fence with tempered glass railings to create complete visibility. Alternatively, hybrid solutions – glass with aluminum railings, aluminum-only or “frost” – are all solid, low-maintenance options.

Ask Rinox, masonry and landscaping experts, to suggest the best alternatives for adding low walls or columns to complete the fence installation.

At the same time, you’ll be able to choose to match the coping and slabs around your inground pool from among the renowned brands: Proma, Zuko Grande, Capri, Aspen and more.

The advantages that inground pools have to offer

There are many advantages to installing an inground fiberglass pool. Here is a list we’ve compiled of the advantages of a fiberglass pool against others on the market;

  1. Quick installation

  1. Easy maintenance

  1. Lower heating costs

  1. Quebec made

  1. Various colors

  1. Integrated steps and benches

7. Proven solidity, strength and resistance


Aquarino’s fiberglass products can be installed in a single day, unlike inground concrete pools, for example. So you can enjoy your new purchase as quickly as possible. In addition, your landscaping team won’t be asked to stop their work during the installation of your pool, therefore avoiding any delays.

Contact us to find out more. We’ll advise you on the best product for your needs and budget.

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