10 reasons why you should choose a fiberglass pool!

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You know you want a pool for next summer season, but you’re not sure what type of pool you should go for? Concrete, pool liners or fiberglass? There are many options, it can get confusing. So, here is a list of 10 reasons why fiberglass pools are the best choice!

1-Quick installation

Unlike traditional inground pools, Aquarino fiberglass pools can be installed in 24 hours, rain or shine! This alone is an advantage compared to the lengthy installation delays of traditional pools, which can take up to 3 weeks and don’t include a surrounding landscape project. Moreover, Aquarino pools can be installed with a Rinox pool border, and a complete landscape project by adding only a few days (depending on the size of the project) to your installation.

2-Easy maintenance

Fiberglass pools need less maintenance than conventional inground pools. The fiberglass material keeps dirt from sticking to the floor and walls which eliminates the risk of algae formation, thereby making the maintenance easier and quicker. In addition, dirt will bead along the edge rather than stick as it would on a liner. Most importantly, a fiberglass pool will never need a liner or paint replacement.

3-Resistant Material  

When choosing the products and materials for our home projects, quality and durability are some of the most important factors we look for. Fiberglass is an extremely resistant material making fiberglass pools some of the most durable pools in the market!

4-Lower heating costs

One of the most significant advantages of a fiberglass pool is its capacity to retain heat. The fact that fiberglass is an insulating material makes the water up to 8 degrees celsius higher than your average liner pool.

In addition, pool insulation is greater for Aquarino pools because of our unique urethane application process around the shell. The heating costs are therefore lower than that of the competition.

 5-Modern and trendy look

Aquarino pools are extremely modern! The clean and linear appearance of the rectangular shell creates an inviting and unique look. All Aquarino pools combine perfectly with Rinox landscape products to create a trendy and timeless backyard.

6- Products made in Canada

We know our climate! Aquarino fiberglass pools are made in Canada. We use a variation of fibers making our pools more resistant and durable to the seasonal changes we experience.

Aquarino is also accredited with the “Well Made Here” logo. This program encourages the purchase of quality products manufactured locally, in Canada.

Consult the 3 reasons that make fiberglass the best in our harsh climate!

7-Multiple colors available

In the Aquarino collection, there are 6 available colors in every shell model. From a soft white to a sparkling black, the colors each have their assets that can enhance a backyard and create a unique personalized project!

Discover the 6 available colors here>>

8-Strengthened steps and benches

The majority of fiberglass pools have integrated steps and benches. However, Aquarino uniquely sprays the free space behind the stairs and benches with urethane to further strengthen and keep the shell safe from cracking. This definitely contributes to the pool’s durability and resistance over the years.

What is urethane? It is a rigid insulating foam used to give additional rigidity. It also allows for better backfilling once the pool is installed to avoid leaving any gaps of space. Gaps of space are what can create pressure, and therefore cracks.

9-Reinforcements in the shell

During the manufacturing process, vertical reinforcements are added to the sides of the Aquarino shell to increase rigidity and sturdiness. Though fiberglass is already a resistant material, Aquarino uses this method to ensure a higher level of stability, making our pools stand out from the competition. As a result, our walls are thicker than most, with a thickness of 9mm as opposed to the 5 or 6mm generally used by others!

10-Various fiberglass fabrics

Although fiberglass is very strong, at Aquarino we use a variety of fiberglass fabrics to, once again, increase the strength and resistance of the product. The use of several thicknesses of fabrics allows an incomparable robustness of the shell!


The choice of an inground pool represents a big decision in terms of investment and planning. You now know the advantages of fiberglass pools. This type of pool allows you to create a complete landscape project that is functional, practical and trendy! Discover Aquarino pool models and find the ideal size for your space!

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