2019 Pools Color Trends

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The color that you choose for your inground pool will have a large impact on the final ambiance of your backyard. Blue has always been the most popular color choice for a pool shell, however, there are many other colors that can make your backyard unique. Thinking of installing an fiiberglass inground pool this summer season? Discover 2019 trending pool colors!


Sparkling white

White has been a very popular color for both interior and exterior design over the years. A white inground pool shell is the perfect choice for a clean and chic backyard. It is also ideal to create the illusion of a big backyard when you have a smaller space. Accomplish a sparkling effect as the sunbeams reflect off the surface of the water! White is a trendy but classic choice that will last for years and years to come. Choose the color Sea Salt from our available colors to attain this look. Invite elegance into your backyard!


Industrial gray

Trending for a few years now is the industrial design style. Add it to your backyard by choosing a darker colored inground pool shell. Our Arctic Grey color is a simple yet contemporary and relaxing grey color.

For a more luxurious effect, choose a charcoal pool shell with a shimmer, like our Ocean Grey. This color has small sparkling specs that will create the perfect balance between elegant and industrial.

Inground pools fit perfectly with both new, modern homes, as well as older traditional styles. Be daring and mix different styles for your backyard!


Deep black

One of the most popular trends in 2019 is incorporating the color black in decor. When it comes to the backyard, why not choose the darkest color for your inground pool shell? Galaxy is a dark and shimmery black that creates both a chic and original effect in your backyard. Following this trend will have a strong impact on your exterior landscaping by making it unique and inviting! Also, a great and interesting advantage to a black pool shell is the natural heating that will occur from the sun reflecting into the pool. (Think : lower pool heating costs! Check out our blog post on why to choose a fiberglass pool for more advantages.)

This color will create a modern and edgy atmosphere while contrasting really well with surrounding elements.


Alfio blended cream from Rinox inc.

This landscaping presents the Alfio stone from the Rinox Inc collection


When the time comes to choose your inground pool shell color, start by choosing the exact atmosphere you want to accomplish in your backyard. Whether you choose a classic blue or a newer color trend from this season, your inground fiberglass pool is the perfect addition to your backyard. Contact us for more details about our pool models and to get a free quotation!

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