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The fiberglass pool has been increasing in popularity for several years however, before making your decision, there are some important points that should be emphasized in the design and installation of this kind of inground pool. Aquarino has unique procedures which ensure high resistance of the installed product for guaranteed durability and peace of mind! In this article, discover the 3 main technical advantages of choosing an Aquarino pool for your landscaping project!


Aquarino pool advantages


Robust Steps

Many may fear that the steps of a fiberglass pool may split over the years due to the free space behind them once installed in the ground. Aquarino fills this space with urethane in order to strengthen the steps, making them sturdy and safe from potential cracks. Want to know what urethane is? It is an insulating foam used to give additional rigidity to the steps of the fiberglass basin. This also allows better backfilling of clean stone without leaving a crevasse.


Vertical Reinforcements

To increase rigidity of the entire basin installed in the ground, vertical reinforcements are added on the sides. Thus, this ensures additional stability to the basin in the ground, keeping in mind that fiberglass is a very resistant material itself. These reinforcements are integrated during the construction of the basin on the vertical walls. As a result, our walls are thicker than most other products on the market with a thickness of 9mm, versus a thickness of 5 or 6mm generally used as competition!


Fiberglass Fabric

Although fiberglass is very resistant, at Aquarino we use various fiberglass fabrics to increase the strength and resistance of the product. Thus, the use of multiple fabrics allows an incomparable robustness of the pool’s basin.

As mentioned earlier, fiberglass is, in itself, a strong and resistant material which is ideal for the design of inground pools. At Aquarino, we have decided to increase the level of solidity and durability for our pools ensuring superior quality. If you have additional questions on how our swimming pools are manufactured or how to install them, contact our team!

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